Great Health is in Your Hands 


Since I was in my teens, I've had a passion for health.  But I was never all that interested in medicine in the traditional sense.  I never wanted to become a doctor or nurse.  For me, the doctor was someone I went to for a check-up, for help if I had an injury or infection, or when I had my babies.   What interested me when it came to health is what I (we) have control over.  It started with a love for fitness.  At seventeen, I became an aerobics instructor.  My fitness career took many turns as I grew older.  I became a certified yoga instructor, read book after book about nutrition and alternative medicine, and earned a certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I raised my sons to always look for a natural cure for what ailed them—an apple a day and lots of water for constipation.  Water for a headache.  Deep breathing for anxiety.  Exercise for depression.  Yoga for both.  And healthy, organic, whole foods for a strong, healthy, body and mind.  We reserved a visit to the doctor for things we couldn’t control—like bronchitis or the Lyme disease my son caught early and needed antibiotics to cure. 

Unfortunately, our society isn’t set up for this kind of living.  A toxic food industry is subsidized to grow foods that are making us sick.  Organic foods are more expensive than their pesticide and herbicide-ridden counterparts.  GMOs aren’t labeled.  Low carbs have come to mean no carbs, when some of the healthiest things we can eat contain carbohydrates.  There’s way too much sugar in everything.  People call meat "protein" and consume animal products in such high volumes that if one of our ancestors saw us, they'd think we were all royalty.  Is it any wonder diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle-related diseases are so prevalent?  I know women who don't eat any fruit because of the "sugar", when fruit is one of the healthiest things you can eat.  And people aren’t moving enough.  Sedentary lifestyles, stress, decades of eating the wrong foods, advertisements that target children and get them hooked early, and biased, corporate-funded, government studies have led people to believe that they need certain foods, that unhealthy foods are “safe”, and in a recent ad I heard on the radio, that Coca Cola is a perfect compliment to your meal. 

Health is my passion.  It isn’t your fault if you are overweight, addicted to certain foods, if food has become your primary focus, or you have trouble starting or sticking to an exercise program.  It isn’t your fault, but only you can fix it.  The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.  I’m here to help!

Press Conference with Sean Spicier Heats Up*

“Zero Americans have been killed in a terrorist attack by anyone in the countries listed in Trump’s Executive Order. We wanted to get that number down. It’s a shame that this so-called judge would be so reckless as to go against an order intended to keep America safe.”